Our Mission

Build high impact technologies that enable information sharing & social collaboration.

Our Products & Services

  • Self Learning Peppy Persona-tm

    Enabling hyper-personalization

  • Right Spot & Flock for

    Events, Movies, Music, Dine-in, Conferences

  • AI Flock Finder

    find flock that matches your style

  • Artificial Intelligence Engine

    that enhances your real world experiences

Our Values

Create social impact

Do stuff that matters & build products that meaningfully impact the people who use it.

Focus on innovation

Think beyond the done & dusted. Build the unseen and build it like nobody else can.

Openness is key

Strive for a culture that embraces all thoughts & ideas and encourages transparency.

Challenge yourself

Taking risks is important. It’s not the outcome that matters the most but the learning you take away from it.

Invest in an idea

Want to join us on this journey towards technology revolution?

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